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June 1, 2011
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Agent 04 - Jessica Zammit by Yukikou-chan Agent 04 - Jessica Zammit by Yukikou-chan
Name: Jessica Zammit

Date of Birth: September 18th 1991

Nationality: American

Age: 22

Class: Spy (Leader)/Brawler

Rank: 04


Mind Posession

The ability to invade living creatures’ minds and momentarily replacing them with the user’s conscience.


:bulletgreen: Actions, movements and speech are completely controlled.
:bulletgreen: Works on both animals as well as humans.


:bulletred: The user’s mind leaves its own body, leaving the body unconscious and vulnerable.
:bulletred: Any injuries inflicted on the victim while being possessed, show on the user’s body as well.
:bulletred: The longer the user stays in the invaded mind, the longer the user’s mind will take to properly return to its own body.


Jessica’s personality can be quite irritating for those who don’t know her too well yet. She strives to be friendly to those who she thinks deserve to be treated well but once you stir her wrong, she can go a whole different path.
She is prone to holding grudges for a long time – though she does accept and welcome apologies or even honest discussions about problems, it does not mean she will forgive them anytime soon.
When meeting someone new, she is usualy not one to warm up to them easily – it’s hard to earn her trust but once you have achieved it, she is as loyal to you as she could possibly be.
The spy leader can also be a real drama queen when she is on a roll but she normally uses this in a playful way – which might come off wrong half of the time. You will notice though when she is really upset and when she is just acting.
She has no real understanding to people who hide or mask their emotions – when not on missions – and sees this as a weakness rather than anything else. Not seeing a reason why she should be closing her feelings off in social situations, she is sometimes being frowned upon, especially as a spy, since it would be expected that they have their outbursts under control. But when you cannot be yourself at base and neither on missions, then when?


Jessica was born in the Apache State in Phoenix, Arizona to her parents Joshua Douglas and Charlene Zammit – who had never gotten married which left Jessica with her mother’s last name, Zammit. Her brother Carter was already 15 by the time she was born, leaving the siblings with a rather big age gap.
It had been a considerably bad timing with which the girl made her appearance – not only because her parents had almost reached their 40s but also because her brother had taken on quite a problematic role in the family. Not only had the boy’s grades been slacking, no, he also showed a peculiar and concerning behavior at random.

Jessica’s parents tried to take care of an infant, their son who refused to talk to any of them next to earning enough money and still living a normal life – which was a pressure that eventually could not be quite handled by the two devastated parents anymore.


The years passed and the children grew older – Carter was 18 when his parents decided that he could not stay with them anymore. He had completely closed himself off from any family activities, would silently eat in his room when it was dinner or lunch time. The school called almost every day, either telling them that Carter had gotten into a fight with another class mate, an argument with a teacher or had not shown up at all.


Joshua and Charlene made a decision – they would bring their son to a facility where they could hopefully help the boy. For the trip, they left little Jessica with her grandparents who only reluctantly agreed. They had never been too fond of the children that resulted from the relationship of their daughter and Joshua. Not because they were particularly ill-willed but because they had always seemed strange to them. Carter was the black sheep of the family, who knew what Jessica would grow up to once she was his age?

But this visit at her grandparent’s would be permanent. On the same day, Jessica’s parents and her brother died in a car accident.

[Classfied – Information is unknown to 04 herself; can be found in the files retrieved from the tomb]

Her grandparents were shocked at the news to say the least – little Jessica of course did not understand. For the time being, they hesitantly took the child in, they had no other choice, nor were they able to comprehend exactly what had happened yet. For a few weeks, they lived together. Whenever Jessica would ask for her parents or her brother, she was told they would come back eventually, that they were on a travel. Even if they thought that there had always been something off about the Zammit/Douglas children, her grandparents did not have the heart to tell the little girl the truth yet.

It was her grandfather, Elias Zammit, who made the decision to put Jessica in a foster home. Neither did they have the time, nor the money to take care of such a small child as they both worked all of the day in their small bakery underneath their apartment. Her grandmother, Sacha Zammit on the other hand was not too fond of this idea to shove her only grandchild away from them for the sake of their work – but she obliged with her husband after all.

For a period of three years, Jessica lived separated from her relatives, receiving only small occasional visits in which her grandmother brought her new clothes when the old ones did not fit her anymore. Her grandfather stayed away from her, he did not want to be involved with the child of the man who ‘took his daughter away’.
When young Jessica turned six, the foster home started to ask for money from the grandparents who were technically well able to take care of their grandchild but simply chose not to. Upon this, grandmother Sacha convinced her husband that the girl would cost considerably less when they took her back in and took care of her personally. Furthermore, they would have someone who potentially could help them out in the bakery eventually.

Jessica returned to her grandparents, now knowing what had happened to her parents and her brother – but still not exactly understanding what ‘death’ really meant. They were gone and would not come back, that was all that was to it for the girl who had grown very feisty during her stay at the foster home. It was not easy to live with so many children at one place – you needed elbows to be noticed and that the girl had – which also showed once she entered elementary school.

Jessica’s grades were average, tendency leaning more towards below it but all in all, she never had been a too bright student, never was the best at anything. The only thing that was rather off was that she would usually return home with a bloody nose, a black eye or an equally minor injury.
“She’ll end up like her brother”, her Elias used to tell his wife – this comment not going unnoticed by Jessie who did not have the slightest idea what it meant. This frustration only made her more feisty. She would start fights at school for no reason, downright provoking and starting them while she enjoyed playing the bully.

Her grandmother was concerned while her grandfather was merely angry.
It had been a mistake to take her in, he was convinced. Sacha on the other hand decided that the girl just needed a goal to work towards – so she introduced her to baking in their bakery. Jessica burned her hands quite a lot or cut herself – it turned out, she was not very skilled in the arts of patience, nor did she particularly want to work on anything at all – it was not what she was used to.
Though, after she had created her first cake without any burning marks and just a little bit of eggshell in the dough rather than a whole egg, she grew more confident.
She enjoyed baking with her grandmother, brought some of her first creation to school as well and the assaults stopped.

The now eleven year old was rather happy with herself, now that she had found friends at school, had a normal life and most importantly, had found someone to confide in – her grandmother. The only one that was still a puzzle to her was her grandfather. They both rarely talked and when they did, it never ended friendly from both parts. No, these two did not get along at all. They were stubborn, easily frustrated and held grudges – mostly against each other.

That autumn though, everything changed once again for the young teen as she transferred to middle school. The new atmosphere was rougher again and her feistiness returned once more. It was more verbally than physically now but it did happen – automatically making her seem rather unattractive for most potential boyfriends who even could remotely have an interest in the blonde.

Life continued this way. Jessica would sometimes be suspended from school for a day or two because or arguments or fights she had gotten into. Yes, to her grandfather this looked too much like her brother – and he had already given up on the blonde being able to achieve anything other than ending up in a foster home again or worse. Not to mention that the bakery was slowly having less and less costumers. It was near going bankrupt.

It was when Jessica turned thirteen that things got out of hand…

Her first contact with the person that was going to stir up her life entirely, took place after she had overheard a conversation of two of her classmates talking about some minor money problems of theirs. It resulted in the name Diego Colón who seemed to be one of the older senior year students at the accompanied High School.
Naïve as she was, Jessica seeked the young man out and asked him for help for bringing up quite the amount of money for her grandparents’ bakery. He seemed rather friendly, told her he could help her – the luck was on her side, she was sure.

Sacha and Elias Zammit were rather surprised to say the least as suddenly a check over ten grants fluttered into their home, saying that they had won the lottery. Jessica was not sure if this would work, if it even seemed believable – she was a child after all – but it seemed they did not question this further. No, they were rather happy about the newly achieved money and quickly spent it on new advertisement for their bakery, even adding a small Café to it.

Life was a lot better, for now.

Not only a month later, though, Diego seeked Jessica out this time – accompanied by a few friends of his. It seemed that Jessica had not thought about the consequences of her actions, much less that she would actually have to pay the money back – which soon was made clear to her.
The young girl had no money, aside from the five Dollar of pocket money she would get every month. So where would she get ten thousand dollar from without taking it from her grandparents…

The solution was found on a whim and without much thought about any consequences yet again. The thirteen-year-old began to steal from her classmates and her friends’ home whenever she could. She would look through school bags for money, any sort of jewelries that looked expensive to her and gave whatever she found to pay her debt.

It did not go unnoticed by neither students, nor teachers that something was going terribly wrong at the school. Purses vanished, mobile phones, MP3-players, anything that was remotely of some worth was stolen – which Jessica got quite good at.
When Jessica had turned fourteen though and her debt was long paid – unbeknownst to her – the stealing only continued. It seemed like her debtor found it quite amusing how the young girl struggled with this task, with being under his control.

She had changed a lot, her grandmother noted, she had become what they had been scared of – a rather quiet girl who kept to herself and often did not even go to school – because of reasons unknown to her guardians.

Eventually, the day came that Jessica was busted as she was going to steal the contents of her class teacher’s wallet. She was promptly kicked from school. The latter that was going to tell her grandparents about this information was replaced by Jessica to instead giving them a faked letter from a boarding school, offering the girl scholarship to attend it.
Her grandfather was suspicious – after all, Jessica’s grades were lower than average – why offer a scholarship? But his wife soothed him. He should not question the good.
Jessica on the other hand did everything to hide her despair – what was she going to do now? She could not let them know she had failed, nor could she give her grandfather the satisfaction that she had become “just like her brother” whatever that truly meant.

For the next two years, Jessica lived on the street and randomly put letters into her grandparent’s mail to tell them how much she loved it at the boarding school. She knew they had not enough money to visit the place anyways, so she was safe, she thought.
She spent her time stealing from people that walked the streets, soon finding friends in some of the homeless – who had already been far gone, mentally. Some showed typical disorders, such as halluzinating or thinking they were secretly a high-class person and that all of this was just a dream.
First contacts with alcohol and drugs were made until one night everything had seemed too much…


When Jessica turned sixteen, she was admitted to the hospital one night when she had passed out from consuming too much alcohol and a taxi driver found her in the middle of the street during his break.
Once there, her grandparents had been informed of their grandchild being at the hospital at Phoenix – meaning she had never left the city.
Before they had even time to react to the news when they visited her in the hospital – a man in a white coat approached them, explaining to them a fake-story in which he was her teacher from the boarding school Jessica pretended to attend. She had wanted to pay a surprise visit to her grandparents on their school trip but her and her friends had gotten a bit over-excited and gotten alcohol from an irresponsible shop-keeper. Somehow the man had managed to hold the information back that a taxi driver had found the homeless girl on the street…

This man later turned out to be the leader of HQ02 of the A-Gents and offered Jessica an education in both school and training in being an A-Gent. It was only later that she found out about her ability which had been suspected within her by the agency for quite a while.
Her ability had been activated by accident once as she had a staring contest with an experimental rabbit that she was supposed to feed in her time at the Cleaning Crew – punishment for playing a prank on her class leader. Her body was found unconscious next to the cages while the rabbit in it seemed to strangely react to the A-Gents observing the area after the incident.

:bulletpurple: Knows how to play the guitar
:bulletpurple: Kept some of her brother's things, such as his own guitar
:bulletpurple: Was never a fan of tv but got to appreciate it during her three months of being injured
:bulletpurple: Was part of the cleaning crew during her trainee time
:bulletpurple: Retrieved her dear shovel from her first mission she went on Received her CROVEL from A-Gent 06

Medical Information:
Blood type: B

:bulletblue: Acrophobia – The fear of heights. [Accompanied with PTSD]
:bulletblue: Aeroacrophobia- Fear of open high places.
:bulletblue: Suffered from several broken bones in her life => broken arm, broken nose – was adjusted; broken leg
:bulletblue: Two bullet wounds in her calves, accompanied by deep gashes
:bulletblue: Regularly suffers a period of unconsciousness after using her ability. REM is regularly showing during this time, mostly soon before she awakens again.
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