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Wow I live, Teen Wolf, Digimon Reboot Designs etc.

Journal Entry: Fri Apr 10, 2015, 6:45 AM
Hi guys and gals,

it's been... ages that I have been on Deviantart and it kinda makes me feel bad, so I thought I'd give a little update... and stuffs.

So, I've been really busy with University (I study Social Work) and the project we did in January which was more like a Workshop. Basically the main focus of my studies is "Culture & Media" which essentially means that you lead projects/workshops with a group of people - in the case of the January Workshop with 14 year old Teens from different schools that got together in 9 different workshops. It was 'just' one week but it was amazing and I loved every second of it.
Two friends of mine and I lead the audio drama workshop which - not so surprisingly - was one of the most unpopular among Rap, Rock Band, Movie making, Music Video creation etc. We were really worried we'd only get a bunch of kids who simply came into our workshop because the others were full and at first, that was true. But when they told us at the end that they would have definitely had our workshop as their first choice had they known how much fun it is to write the script, record the sound effects and voice act.
And I gotta say I couldn't have been prouder. The story they told in barely 5 minutes was so creative - in my eyes - and very unusual for 9 kids from two different schools of which one was for children/teenagers that have a learning disability. They were all amazing!
The story basically revolved around a boy - Leon - who lived in a society where parents were allowed to have one child only and there were monthly inspections to check whether they were hiding a second born somewhere in the house who would then be, well, executed. The boy who thought of that concept was inspired by the now abolished law in China. Or I think it was abolished...
Anyways, yeah, it was great, I loved it and in Summer I'll be doing a workshop like that on my own, probably with much more people and much much bigger. I'm really excited and nervous and I don't even know... -heavy breathing-

Alright, so what else is new? I started watching Teen Wolf and I am obsessed! When my semester break started I told myself I'd finally watch that show, seeing as I constantly had so much stuff about it on my tumblr dashboard and it looked really interesting. In about one and a half week, I watched the entire 4 seasons and I had a huge headache and a broken heart afterwards. Because now I am desperately waiting for the 5th season... I can't...
Also, I seem to be one of the only people who ship both StilesxLydia and StilesxMalia? These seem to be the utter war ships, holy crap. I have never seen any ships in that show discussed as much as those two. I enjoy everything that has to do with Stiles in all honesty, so I wouldn't mind if he even got a third love interest. -cough- In the end I am kinda convinced that Malia is a plot device for the 5th season anyways and another one to cause Stiles to kind of distance himself from the whole 'I've had a crush on Lydia since third grade' mentality, so Lydia and Stiles can meet another on the same level, if that makes sense? If any Stalia fan reads this - I'm sorry! That's just my opinion though, I could be very wrong. I at least know that apparently Malia and Stiles break up in Season 5 (whether for the time being or forever, I have no clue) and that there will be lots of platonic Stydia. So if that isn't a setup for great ship developement then I don't know what is?

And as the tile of this journal says... that Digimon design....

I'm sorry but all I have to say to this is: Nope.
I honestly hate it and when I saw it I thought it was utter crap. First of all: how dare you remake one of my favourite Animes with a worse art style than it had originally? Second of all: how dare you keep Sorato? Okay, that last one is kind of... personal preference. I mean, look, I am okay with the Sorato in the remake if they finally give it some developement. Because it never had one in the original and came out of friggin' nowhere?
Basically, we saw the Sorato confirmation in a flashback from a side character. Yeah, there was the red-herring-Taiora-scene in which Tai talks to Sora about Matt before his concert but to me as a kid that was just a very confusing scene and more confirmation for Taiora than Sorato. But okay, I think that scene is up for interpretation but actually, it was just baiting, so... hngh.

I know there were Sorato shippers before 02, sure, but in all honesty, it was a ship that existed maybe because people liked both characters but not because of how much developement they actually had in the show. Or at least that is what I think? If any Sorato shipper reads this, maybe you could enlighten me because I don't get it. Who knows, maybe the Sorato this time makes at least some sense but my heart will always belong to Taiora.
But the design... seriously... I mean, okay, maybe it's stylized and I don't get it, that could be it or it's just not my cup of tea but to me it looks like the Digimon movie creator's five year old son drew those designs. I'm probably biased though because I'm so fond of the Digimon Adventure art style with the somewhat weird-ish clothes, big heads and hands which I kind of loved although I am not even really a fan of that but rather more realistically drawn anime/manga. Weird.

Oh, in other news, Walking Dead Season 5 was so cool. Loved how controversial it was this time, very interesting~

And now comes a topic that I feel pretty sheepish about which is my absence and complete inactivity from Nekuia in Terris and I am so, so sorry. I hope people still roleplay there and if not, that's also fine, really. It sounds dumb but for some reason, the whole topic of the group became very depressing for me and I had no real... plot ideas. I thought I had some but they made no real sense. Plus, I feel kind of drained creatively. I stopped drawing altogether for some reason, not roleplaying regularly etc. I think my focus just shifted but that doesn't mean that I don't miss friggin' everyone from former A-Gents, Ville du Mort and Nekuia in Terris! Even if we didn't get along so well, hey, I still think of you - Everyone. Seriously.

I haven't really checked my messages... and I don't have time to either since I'll have to go somewhere in a little... ahem. Anyways, just wanted to say hi and... rant... about things... :iconlazeplz:;;;

I'm still on skype and whatsapp and stuffs as always~

  • Listening to: Dracula - The Musical
NiT - Tariq Kormos by Yukikou-chan
NiT - Tariq Kormos
Name: Tariq Kormos
Sex: Male
Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual
D.o.B.: 23.05.1990
Age: 24

Nationality: Greek
Occupation: Cab Driver
Family: ???

Last Known Whereabouts: Oregon, Portland International Airport

Height: 187 cm /6'1"
Weight: 90 kg / 198 lbs
Eye Color: Green
Blood Type: 0

Live Actor: Andrés Velencoso


Aloof | Distant | Grumpy | Protective | Smart | Fear of emotional Involvements | Listless
NiT - Jessica Zammit by Yukikou-chan
NiT - Jessica Zammit

Name: Jessica Charlene Zammit
Sex: Female
Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual/Bi-curious
D.o.B.: 03.10.1996
Age: 18

Nationality: American
Occupation: -

Joseph Karl Zammit /Father
Charlene Sacha Zammit/Mother
Carter Joseph Zammit/Brother

Last Known Whereabouts: Oregon, Portland International Airport

Height: 174 cm / 5'7"
Weight: 65 kg /143 lbs
Eye Color: Brown
Blood Type: B

Live Actress: Amber Heard


Outgoing | Frank | Blunt | Restless | Caring | Impatient | Smothering | Proactive | ‘Actions above Theory’ | Team Player | Rash | Rebellious

Jessica is an honest person, though bordering on being too blunt at times or even indiscreet. She has to learn that others might take these things personal, although she usually does not mean any harm and these things are often said out of the heat of the moment, in an argument for example.

Being quite restless, Jessica is not one for easily settling down and staying in the same place for a long time, although it might be more comfortable. If not physically, in her mind she is always on the move.

She loves to be around people and easily feels the need to take care of those she deems weaker than herself and to protect them. This intense need to care can lead to smothering quite quickly to a point where she does not trust them to be independent and do anything by themselves. In turn, she also loves to be cared for, though, although she would rarely admit that.

Although she pretends to prefer for others to take the initiative, she is often the one doing it because she gets impatient and needs to get her own way. 

She doesn’t like to think things through forever without any notable results. Although she does like to look at either side of an argument or topic, in the end only a clear demonstrative outcome is worth her while. Actions are what count most for her.

Jessica is a team player, despite her rebellious nature and would easily make sacrifices for the sake of the group or the ones she cares about. But most of her insurgent act is just that anyways – an act. She easily makes rash decisions in the spur of the moment, often leading her to trouble.


Growing up in Phoenix, Arizona, Jessica was a rather happy child. Being 10 years apart in age from her brother Carter, rather than fight, Carter always protected her and gladly played with his younger sister.

Her mother Charlene, being a lawyer, and her father Joseph, being a salesman at a large electronic company, could provide a financially stable life for their two children. The family lived at a large house at Scottsdale, just outside of the city. But what was no struggle financially, the long working hours of their parents often left Carter and Jessica in the care of Au Pairs and babysitters in their younger years. Of course, they always found a way to manipulate the young foreign girls into letting them stay up longer than they were supposed to, as well as getting their way when it came to food or TV time.

As Jessie got older, it was harder and harder for her to get along with the girls, seeing as she was usually one to preferably befriend boys, rather than girls. Although she loved being smothered by the caretakers like a little princess at first, she soon discovered her rebellious phase once she started Middle School. Her brother had long graduated from school at that point and visited the local community College, although out of comfort he still lived with his parents and sister. While Jessica would have preferred it, if his brother had taken care of her, the Au Pairs were still frequently living with them every year. The strange thing was that whenever Jessica’s brother was over, he did not really seem to have eyes for her anymore. It was then that she came home one day to see exactly why – she found her brother heavily making out with their newest Au Pair on their living room couch. Outraged and with a feeling of betrayal, Jessica fled to her room. Not only did she not like those girls ‘taking care’ of her instead of her parents or her brother, no, now Carter was siding with them – or at least that was how she felt.

Things got a bit more uncomfortable when Carter got himself a girlfriend and brought her home on occasion where their Au Pair was less than happy about that development. Way too heartbroken over the situation, she went home after two more weeks and Jessica’s parents were left with no one able to take care of their youngest. Constant blame was shoved on Carter who had gotten them into this kind of situation which made him stay away from home more and more until he moved in with his girlfriend who lived closer to College anyways, rather than the suburb.

Due to finding no Au Pair mid-season, Jessica would now be by herself a lot. Her parents were only seen for Dinner and Breakfast and her brother barely showed up and if so, then only to get some of his things. Of course, these visits became less and less frequent. Jessica was unable to express her need for some warmth and affection to her parents or even her beloved brother. Her grades started to drop and by the time she had entered High School, her company became more and more questionable. According to her parents, her friends – usually boys – were no good which gradually became the most discussed topic among them. Jessica however – even if it was not the kind she had wanted – enjoyed the attention she was getting through her so-called bad friends.

When she turned 16, Jessica barely came home anymore. During the day, no one was there to notice anyways but when she started staying away overnight without her parents knowing where she was, they decided to take drastic measures. For her last two years until graduation, they sent her to an all-girls boarding school at Washington. Jessica refused quite aggressively, locking herself into her room for days and no matter how hard her parents tried to reach her, there was no way for them to be able to do so. Only when her brother knocked on her door one day did she reluctantly open up. They had not seen another in months and although she was mad at him as well, she could not pass up an opportunity to see him. He was able to convince her to at least try it out and promised to visit during his time off at work. Reluctantly, Jessica agreed and left the following week.

The boarding school was going to become Jessica’s personal hell.

Her parents came to visit a month after she had moved there, never again after that, seeing as their work kept them busy. Despite Carter always having hated his parents being so busy, he had unknowingly stepped in their footsteps and by the time he finally came to visit, Jessie begged him to take her back home. She claimed she did not get along with the girls, although there were other reasons as well that she was too scared to talk about while she was still in there. Carter – now being in his late twenties – passed it up as this being a teenage thing and assured her that it was just one more year, before she graduated and would come back home again. That was no consolation for Jessica, though.

When Carter announced a few weeks later that his wife was pregnant, Jessica knew the visits would stop entirely now. She felt selfish for not being happy for her brother but her own situation within the walls of that boarding school was making her feel dull and indifferent to anything but herself.

When it got even worse, Jessie could not take it anymore. She packed a backpack with what little she brought to the boarding school and left in the middle of the night, hitch-hiking to anywhere. Two days later, she landed at Portland, Oregon. Thanks to having access to her bank account, she rented an apartment with a fake ID and started working at a bar downtown. The police was looking for her by now but whenever her phone rang, Jessica turned it off. Neither Carter, nor her parents were people she wanted to talk to and eventually, she just threw it away…

Random Facts:

:bulletblue: Always wanted to become an actress or a singer.

:bulletblue: Plays the guitar.

:bulletblue: Holds no contact to her family.

:bulletblue: Has been searched by the police.

:bulletblue: Loves Chinese Takeaway.

:bulletblue: Never had a boyfriend.

:bulletblue: Loves to dance, when no one is watching. She’s not very graceful.

:bulletblue: Enjoys to be taken care of and take care of others.


Points for Feature~

Journal Entry: Thu Jan 8, 2015, 4:58 PM
Hello everyone! :iconlazeplz:

Look, who's peaking out of her fox's den... :iconfacepokerplz:

I thought I'd be trying out a little something here and see if anyone was interested. For some current projects, I need some points but due to my constant state of being broke, I cannot really afford them. If anyone is ready to give me some points in exchange for a feature on my front page with your account's icon and three deviations from your gallery that you choose (or if you want me to, I would gladly pick some :iconmanbabyplz:~), just comment down here in this journal or write me a note, if you want to.

I'll be doing these features for the following conditions:

7 days - 50 :points:

14 days - 100 :points:

21 days - 150 :points:

1 month - 175 :points:

If there is any interest in doing other things like writing criticques, comments or give some tips for artwork (... since I'm not really a writer -cough-), then just note me. :icondatassplz:

I'm really excited to hear from you~ :icononiskiplz::heart:

  • Listening to: Dracula - The Musical
NaruHina - The Red Scarf by Yukikou-chan
NaruHina - The Red Scarf
EDIT: I actually colored this... quickest coloring in the world and it shows. ; ; Ahahaha...

If you saw this on tumblr, that ominuous fredward-the-brain did not steal it, that's actually me. :icontsukinosmirkplz:;;;~


No content warning but maybe Spoiler warning...? :iconlazeplz:

All of my feels, guys, ALL OF MY GODDAMN FEELS. I need to stop reading Spoilers of that movie or I might explode... :iconexplodeplz:

Idk if I will finish this cause my coloring's been crap. ; ; Base colors don't require any skill huuu...

Dedicated to the following people:

:iconsleepwalking101: - Because I would die without her glorious fanfics that make all my dreams come true. :iconpapcryplz:;;; [ALSO READ THEM ALL, PEOPLE!]

:icontomokou: - Because we fangirled over all the Spoilers and Chapters and Pics and saugdudsguzdsgzerzgfzrg :iconishipthemsohardplz::heart: ILY

:iconmasterchiefhammer: u____u Because you thought it was fake at first. -snaps fingers-


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