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XO by Yukikou-chan
A little something I wanted to do for a while. Those are the "Live Actors" or "Faceclaims" of my three Characters from :icona-gents:.


#1 - Tariq Kormos - Andrés Velencoso

I needed you more,
When [I] wanted us less.
I could not kiss,
Just regress.

Bush - Glycerine

#2 - Jessica Zammit - Amber Heard

I told you you should never follow me,
Now here we are and you're in too deep.
I'm a whole lot of trouble.

Nicoleta Nuca - Trouble [Cover]

#3 - Chrisoph M. Königshofer - Richard Schlögl

Ich bin dein Rekrut auf dem Weg zur Front.
Und ich kehr nicht um,
Bis du mit nach Hause kommst.

I'm your recruit on the way to front.
And I'm not going to turn back,
Until you're coming home with me.

Tom Albrecht - Weg zur Front


I'm not really sure what I wanted to achieve here but obviously, I'm not Photoshop wiz, so it doesn't look too professional but it was fun. Plus, I like imagining my Characters as actual people, rather than drawn Characters, of course.

Plus, it's Jessie's birthday today, so all the more reason to upload something. uvu :heart:

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About Me:

  1. I love Horror movies.
  2. I'm 30% sure I'm kinda psychic. Sorta. Maybe.
  3. The first Album I owned was P!nk's "Missundaztood".
  4. When I was 5, I went to a Michael Jackson concert with my parents.
  5. I'm soon entering my 3rd Semester of studying Social Work.
  6. I cannot use other peoples' butter knives. Even if they used it just to get butter and I am going to do the same thing. I physically cannot do it.
  7. Despite how I may come off, I am craving harmony.
  8. I always thought I wasn't allergic to anything until I ate red grapes for the first time a week ago.
  9. My older siblings are both married and both have daughters.
  10. A few years ago, I developed such a fear of natural disasters, that I began dreaming of them almost every night for two years.

Cruzu's Questions:

Have you ever left your country? (not your state)
Yup, a few times actually. Went to Austria, Italy, Spain, France, Netherlands, Belgium, USA (Arizona and Nevada), UK

Describe yourself in 5 words. (not a question but w/e)

Eloquent (least in german), Reckless, Pushy, Impatient, Sensitive

Do you play an instrument or more? If not, which would you like to play?

I started learning to play drums but didn't stick with it. Right now I'm learning to play Ukulele. I want to be able to play guitar eventually. I also wish I could play piano but I don't think this'll happen.

What's your general thought about education in your country? Good, bad, completely messed up, etc.?

Meh. It's two ways actually. I do think our education system is really good in comparison to other countries but it has gotten worse since I am out of school. I am not a fan of classes that take up the whole day. Not even in college do you have to stay at University for that long. It has just turned into a huge mess and I hope it'll change eventually.

Which are your favourite animals?

Kitty Cats~

Do you follow a special diet? Vegetarian, vegan, etc?

I am dieting atm but not vegetarian, nor vegan. I don't find this particularly healthy and no one can tell me it is.

Which are your Modern and Chinese zodiacs? (look up Chinese here)
Aries and Sheep.

What do you do to relax?
Turn off my laptop and lie down or go out to drive somewhere, maybe shopping. If I have to relax, it usually cannot involve anything electronic, except for an MP3 Player maybe.

Do you cosplay/ fursuit? If yes, why? If no, would you try?
I did do that before actually - Cosplay - but am not too into it anymore. I do love horror-ish costumes though, like Freddy Krueger.

Which way?

A of course! What a question! B people are not to be trusted........

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My Questions:

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  9. Do you like the way your room/apartment looks?
  10. What was the first person like that you ever fell in love with?

Have fun~ :heart:

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A-Gent 139 - Christoph M. Koenigshofer by Yukikou-chan
A-Gent 139 - Christoph M. Koenigshofer
:bulletgreen: A-Gent 139 - Christoph Maria Königshofer :bulletgreen:

:bulletgreen: Name: Christoph Maria Königshofer
:bulletgreen: Rank: 139 [A-Gent One-Ninety-Three]
:bulletgreen: Class: Feral

:bulletgreen: Date of Birth: 08/11/1989

:bulletgreen: Age: 29
:bulletgreen: Nationality: German
:bulletgreen: Languages: German [C2] | English [C1]

:bulletgreen: Height: 6'1" - 186 cm
:bulletgreen: Weight: 215 lbs - 97 kg

Christoph's Soundtrack

:bulletgreen: Statistics

:bulletgreen: Ability: 3

:bulletgreen: Defense: 1

:bulletgreen: Balance: 2

:bulletgreen: Srength: 4

:bulletgreen: Stamina: 4

:bulletgreen: Speed: 2

:bulletgreen: Dexterity: 1

:bulletgreen: Intelligence: 3

:bulletgreen: Skills and Specifications

:bulletgreen: Tracking - With his Partner Markus, 139 specializes in tracking down targets and traces in all kinds of terrain.

:bulletgreen: Terrains - Is able to keep up with his partner in terms of climbing and running, especially in uneven terrain, such as forests and rocky grounds.

:bulletgreen: The Big Picture - Usually misses smaller details that slip his mind but can see the big picture on many occasions.

:bulletgreen: Ability

Random Replacement.
This ability allows the user to replace an object with a random other object by snapping their fingers and concentrating on the targeted object

Bullet; Green Advantages

Bullet; Green Weapons of enemies can be replaced by other objects that could be harmless in comparison to the former.
Bullet; Green Useless objects for a certain situation can be replaced by a - hopefully - more useful one.

Bullet; Red Disadvantages

Bullet; Red Replacements are absolutely and utterly random and cannot be chosen by the user in any way.
Bullet; Red Replacements can only be those objects that the user has used or touched at least once in their life.
Bullet; Red The ability only applies to objects that weigh 1/5th of the user's body weight or less. (e.g. no plance being replaced by a ship, no sunglasses being replaced by a tank etc.)
Bullet; Red Organic things cannot be replaced, nor can they become replacements.
Bullet; Red Once an object has a replacement, this newly summoned replacement cannot be replaced, before it was used in its respective function - or the function the user thinks it has - at least once, not just touched. (This cannot be tricked by the user as the mind will know if it was used properly or simply touched. E.g. a summoned butter knife needs to be used to put something on a piece of bread; a flower put needs a plant to grow in etc.)
Bullet; Red The objects that is supposed to be replaced needs to be relatively close and technically in eyesight. Replacements do not work over live broadcast or anything like that.
Bullet; Red The user can only summon/replace up to about twenty small and light objects per hour, whereas the heaviest possible object can only be replaced once per hour or the user's energy would drain, as if he had just ran a marathon.
Bullet; Red Objects with a certain sentimental or emotional value can change themselves back again after an hour, give and take, depending on how precious it is to the owner.

:bulletgreen: Personality

:bulletgreen: Charming | Social Butterfly | Showoff | Affectionate | Lazy | Idealistic | Confident | Vain

139 is an open and extroverted man, who loves to socialize and would always choose it over working, if he had the choice. He seems himself as incredibly charming and humorous, even flirty to the point of wanting to downright show himself off. He loves being around people and would try anything to get a laugh or a smile out of them. When someone is down, he tries to comfort them in his own way, mostly meaning he tries to make a joke.

He prefers peace and harmony over arguing and would rather choose to give in than fight, although in some situations it cannot be avoided. Because of this, it can happen that he would rather put up a smile than a frown, even if he is not exactly feeling it, in order to avoid an arguement.

The feral is very affectionate and does not care much about personal space, when he considers himself close to someone. He enjoys deep relationships, no shallow company who he knows he has nothing in common with. Excluded from this are relationships that need to be maintained due to work-reasons, which are a necessity to him. Once you gained his trust though, something life-changing would have to happen for it to be broken. When he gives you the title of ‘friend’ or ‘lover’, then he intends for it to stay that way.

He has big expectations and follows a certain idealism in his life, making his views and opinions something he truly lives by. If these - to him - natural orders are disturbed, his views are highly shaken, making him contemplative and almost brooding. He doesn't have too much doubt in himself, seeing as he is very confident, but rather in the world around him and its obstacles. That on top of his lack of understanding why not everyone forfeits the ideals he has, are becoming problems for him usually when he is alone, while he can forget these thoughts fully when in company.

:bulletgreen: Family

:bulletgreen: Step-Father: Joachim Königshofer
:bulletgreen: Mother: Sabine Königshofer
:bulletgreen: Aunt: Maria Anglert-Gans
:bulletgreen: Uncle: Sven Gans
:bulletgreen: Grandmother: Irene Königshofer

:bulletgreen: History

Christoph was born into a split Germany in summer 1989. Many people tried to flee from the DDR to West-Germany, taking along their families and what little they could carry. But rarely were those escapes successful. Not too many knew about the little sub-organizations or private helpers that had managed to bring many east-german families over the border with fake IDs and sometimes hidden underneath the backseats of cars. Many families had to stay at small council homes, sometimes sharing an apartment with two or more other families that just arrived, once they had made it over the border and into a new life in the West.

Sabine Anglert and her sister Maria fled into their future full of new hopes and dreams from the East to the West during a cloak-and-dagger operation. As Sabine was highly pregnant and shortly before the delivery, it was no option to try and uncomfortably hide her somewhere in between seats of a worn-down car. By a befriended escape helper, they both had been snuck into a mail truck that frequently shuttled between East and West Berlin, where they had hoped to start their new life together with the baby that was soon to be born.

Little did they know that the truck drove further than they had expected. For hours they were stuck in the heated up truck due to the summer heat. Only after excessive knocking on the truck doors during a gas break were they found by the completely dumbstruck driver. Sabine meanwhile had started to feel sick and on occasion, a horrible pain ran through her highly pregnant body.
She was taken to a hospital in Offenbach – they had driven much further than Berlin it seemed - and gave birth to her son, Christoph Maria Anglert.
With the new baby and things starting to quickly escalate in the rest of the country, Sabine and her sister, along with the new baby boy were able to stay at the hospital for two weeks – a whole week longer than the rule. This was only possible due to the head physician having developed a soft spot for the lively Sabine who was juggling taking care of her newly born – and officially father-less – son and her little sister that had barely reached her teens back then.

It was the day they had to leave the hospital that the good-willed head physician informed them that he had found an apartment for them that was not given out for social causes by the government but officially open for being rented. Maria was ecstatic when she heard the news but Sabine was suspicious. After all, in their old home she had consciously experienced enough that would lead her to thinking that this man was not doing this just because he was trying to be a good Samaritan, even if he had let them stay there longer than necessary for the baby and the mother.
Sabine’s father had always been a thorn in the eye of the Stasi, seeing as he used the printing press from his work to temper IDs of DDR inhabitants, so they could flee to the West. When he was forcefully taken in and brought to the Stasi jails, as well as broken by their horrible interrogation methods, Sabine had found her father to only have become a shadow of himself when she was able to visit him with her mother at the age of 8.
Thus, she felt that a natural suspicion was only appropriate when this man was offering, on top of it, to ‘handle’ the costs as well. As anyone would have in this situation, she asked him why he would be doing this if not for ulterior motives. Maybe he, too, was working for the Stasi which could be looking for them after they fled and now they might want to steal her child for their houses of ‘correction’.

The man was sure she had to be joking and was merely taking her suspicion as being unthankful. He admitted that him handling the costs did not mean he was paying the rent but that his uncle owned the apartment complex and expected – for the lack of costs – that the women occasionally cooked and cleaned for him and his wife. She was bedridden due to a recently experienced stroke and he had to take care of the other houses he owned during the day and thus was too busy to care for his wife properly and in the way that she needed. And for someone professional to work there, his uncle was too cheap for. He would have had to pay them more than the two sisters’ rent would be costing him per month.
Maria was the one to convince her sister once and for all – they did need somewhere to stay after all and they could not afford being picky. Sabine agreed, finally, and reluctantly thanked the head physician for his unexpected help. After all, she had no other choice with her sister that was almost as far away from being an adult as her own baby boy.
When they were ready to leave the hospital however, Sabine was asked to give the name of Christoph’s father, so they could put it on his birth certificate. The woman hesitated and rather ashamedly replied that she did not know what the father’s name was and that she merely knew that he was living near Frankfurt. The nurse left it blank but Sabine thought she could feel her judging stare on her.

Christoph grew up, thinking the woman, Irene, that his mother took care of was his grandmother. She always told him stories from a war that had only ever happened in her imagination, of which he only understood small parts of, seeing as her speech had extremely suffered from her health state. But whenever he earned a toothless smile from her when he called her ‘Oma’, he would feel proud and like he had accomplished a tiny miracle with the usually grumpy and confused lady.
The head physician from the hospital, Joachim, who had made their comparably normal life possible was surprisingly a rather regular visitor at the home of his uncle and his aunt. It became a habit that they all had dinner together, when he returned from his work. To Christoph, this was his family.
It only started to become strange to him when his mother started staying out late at night. His aunt Maria was telling him that she was ‘out with friends’ but as far as he was concerned, he didn’t even understand where these ‘friends’ had come from, while in his tiny world it was only him and his family.

It was a few weeks later when Sabine said goodbye to her son for the night that he slipped towards the apartment door and sneakily saw Joachim kiss his mother on the lips, before they would head down the stairs hand in hand and talking in hushed whispers.
Christoph didn’t understand this. Of course, in his psyche, Joachim had already become a father figure to him but being in the stubborn phase of his 5 year old self, he suddenly saw the man as competition (=>Oedipus phase). From then on, Christoph would always watch their interaction, trying to be sneaky about it, as if he was trying to make something happen just with the power of his intense stares. He could hold this up for a whole day, before it burst out of him on a Sunday evening that he saw them outside of the apartment. Sabine and Joachim were equally shocked but the elderly toothless lady just laughed and mumbled in her broken speech that she had only ever seen Joachim visit them on birthdays and Christmas, until Sabine had moved into the complex.

When Christoph had just turned 6, he experienced his first birthday party at their new home in a beautiful house at the country side. His mother had married Joachim Königshofer on a whim, after their secret relationship had waved them goodbye. And while Christoph had always seen Joachim as his father, it was strange for the little boy to actually call him that, especially in his short but evident jealous phase. Not to mention that Christoph was not exactly fond of all the changes that were happening: saying goodbye to seeing his ‘Oma’ Irene every day, as well as his aunt Maria who had stayed behind at the apartment to attend University and still cook and take care of the old lady outside of classes. On top of it, Christoph entered school in summer that year – something he had been looking forward to excitedly but came home not so excited and with a long, pouting face.
Sabine was immediately alarmed, thinking the other children had bullied him but the story was somewhat different: Christoph and a classmate had been having an argument in which Christoph became so enraged that he suddenly… farted. It had apparently been so funny that the whole class laughed at him and the boy could not wait for the bell to ring and to run home right to his mother. Sabine was rather speechless to say the least and merely comforted her sensitive little son until she could talk to her husband about how to strengthen Christoph’s self-esteem again.

It was then, that Christoph learned his first magic trick. Joachim, in order to try and distract the boy, had convinced him that he was a magician and could make it so that the children would not laugh at him the next day at school anymore. He fully convinced Christoph when Joachim magically pulled out a pen from his – seemingly – empty hand, while he had just been hiding it in his sleeve. Of course, Christoph did not know that. And he also did not know that his step-father did not actually switch out a coin with another one but that he had been having it in his hand all along.
Christoph was intrigued.

The next day at school, he however had forgotten what exactly Joachim had shown him and so he spent all of class to try and switch out a coin with another but no matter how hard he tried, while staring at the coin intensely, nothing happened. The boy was disappointed. He was no magician! He took the coin back in his hand and put it right in front of his eyes, as if that would help him concentrate better and suddenly, it happened. Instead of the coin, there was suddenly a hairbrush in his hand which soundly fell to the floor.
Christoph was shocked, the whole class went quiet and suddenly, he began to scream happily, shouting that he was a magician after all. He got up, ran out of class without even taking his things and left behind a very confused class and a rather annoyed teacher.

When Christoph ran home to show his mother the incredible magic trick, she was already waiting for him with a frown on her brows. The teacher had informed her of Christoph’s outburst and that he had run out of class. Just when Sabine had grabbed her keys and go look for him, he had run right into her. Christoph did not realize he was in trouble, grabbed another coin from his pocket, held it up to his mother and concentrated on it so much that his head turned red. Indeed, it switched from the coin into a small pocket mirror that he had seen at the drugstore when he had been out shopping with his mother. The boy was pleasantly surprised by this change and quickly held it out to his mother. She on the other hand was not very impressed, thinking her husband had simply showed the boy some magic tricks. It was not the ‘trick’ itself that got her attention but the mirror he now held in his hands.
Completely unamused, she interrogated him just where he got this mirror from and if he stole it, not to mention why he had been running home in the middle of class. Sabine was not taking anything about him being a magician and rather dragged Christoph back to school to apologize to his teacher.

Christoph was feeling horrible after all of this to say the least. Not only had he been accused of stealing by his beloved mother but no one believed that he really was a magician. When his step-father came home that night and saw the boy sulking in his room while Sabine cooked dinner, Christoph was able to show what he really could do. Joachim had heard about the incident of course and felt responsible for making the boy think he was a magician but when he saw his step-son turn one of his pens into a sparkly ring from the gumball machine, he wasn’t sure what to believe anymore. Christoph loved the fact that his father seemed completely surprised and immediately asked him to show the trick behind his effortless switching. The boy however said that a true magician never told his tricks – aside from the fact that he himself had no clue how he did it either.

Over the years, Christoph made it a hobby out of making things switch into others – or what he called it: Magic. More often than not did he make things like plates, cups and forks turn into all kinds of toys he had played with at his friends’ but also all kinds of other objects from remote controls to books, from VHS’ to sunglasses. Getting a toy seemed like one in a million but for the boy it was worth it, even if his mother had to buy new homewares seemingly every month. Even if Christoph was regularly scolded for breaking and hiding their plates – what his mother assumed – he still kept on going with the knowledge that his mother might understand some day that he really was a magician.

On birthday parties and on breaks at school, Christoph was the entertainer for the other children his age. Usually, they brought some old or broken objects to him that they wanted to be turned into something else – in that age, they did not really ask about the ‘how’ yet. Sometimes, children were lucky and got a tamagotchi or even a plush animal out of it but more often, it was something like a toilet brush or an empty cardboard box.
Not everyone believed his magical powers though, which were usually those who went home without a toy whose newly switched objects Christoph was strangely not able to switch into something else. They saw it as him simply ‘favoring’ some of the other kids above them.

Christoph’s childhood was a relatively normal one, aside from the fact that his ability had already shown itself in early years but it was always chalked up by a simple magic trick.

When Christoph entered his teenage years and his childlike naivety was lifting, he started to question himself, where others hadn’t. Of course, he knew magic could not be real and so, he watched closely everytime he made something switch, even tried to control what he would switch the object in his hand out with but he couldn’t. The only thing he did notice was that there were never objects appearing that were extremely heavy, nor anything that he had never seen before. It was a lucky hit when he was able to make a camera appear from an empty perfume flacon from his mother. He started filming him switching objects with it but as he wanted to view the footage later, he noticed that the recording from the start was not his own. On the contrary, it seemed like a man was filming his little daughter, who he recognized as a friend’s younger sister, as well as their house. It was then that Christoph began to realize that all those things he had been taking and switched out all these years must have been those that actually belonged to people.

This development made Christoph feel rather sick as he remembered the incident with the mirror of which his mother accused him of having stolen it. Maybe it truly was like stealing. However, when he just wanted to take the camera to go and give it back to his friend and his family, it suddenly popped into nothing and the flacon was back again. This had never happened before – or not as he could recall, one could never know with all the stuff he had lying around that was not actually his – and so Christoph experimented with this new realization. If things that belonged to others really switched back, then he was not a thief, right?

He did not quite expect however that the friend the video camera belonged to confronted him the next day of school just why he was filming himself with their camera and how he had managed to manipulate the footage like that. Christoph was not sure how to respond, so he simply made up a story of pranking his friend and that he really got him this time. He played this role to the bitter end, even when he got ‘payback’ for it at a school fest, where he ended up with ice cubes in his underwear.

As he turned 15, Christoph discovered the advantages of being a show-off and somewhat of a charmer. His first relationship with a girl held for two whole weeks and he was devastated and broken-hearted when it ended, to a point where he suffered for two whole days, listening to sad love-songs and pretending to ‘have the blues’, before he was fully recovered.
His grades had always been average but they seemed to make a dramatic melt-down every time he brought a new girl home to his parents, much to their dismay. During those times, the teenage boy sat in his room at night and tried to use his magic to make all kinds of things appear that his newly found girlfriend might like or also just some things he could impress the girls at school with.

By the time he was 19 – and close to graduating – Christoph had almost made a complete run through having on and off relationships with the girls in his year and his extroverted and enthusiastic personality was definitely a bonus. While most of his friends envied him, Christoph was more disappointed that the high expectations he had for each and every of those relationships were not met. With each and every one of them he had expected to stay with until the rest of his life, after all.

As his school time ended, Christoph decided not to take on his military duty (that still existed back then) but to perform the alternative instead, civilian service. For a year, he worked as a “Zivi” at a neurological clinic, where he brought usually elderly people to their appointments with doctors and picked them up again. Whenever he could, Christoph flirted with the nurses of every age which sometimes earned him a little giggle or two which was enough to brighten their day and his own as well. This did not mean he didn’t sometimes disappear with one of the girls closer to his own age during breaks…

Christoph saw a lot during this year, not always pleasant things as it was no unusual thing for them to get in people that had complicated issues. Sometimes victims of fires or car accidents were brought to them and treated in the special department. In his job, it sometimes was his duty to just keep them company for a bit as well, play cards with them and just talk or read to them. Here as well, he used his little magic trick to brighten their day but especially the elderly and more confused people were not exactly fond of this.

When it was time for Christoph to leave the clinic, he decided that, yes, he wanted to become a doctor and study medicine to help the people he met in his year of civilian duty and perhaps also to follow his step-father’s footsteps. This attempt failed immediately after he was declined for his less than qualifying grades at school.

Instead, his mother sent his application to a school that offered education for becoming a child care worker. Seeing as they usually picked applicants from lower school forms as well, he was accepted, his year at the clinic being a bonus. Christoph wasn’t too excited about this – he never had much contact to children, not to mention that those schools were usually not visited by men at all.
Truth be told, most of his classmates – all girls – thought he was gay for a better part of the first school year. This quickly changed though when he went steady with a girl, Melissa, from a higher year than them – most of the girls in his class were much younger than him – and his parents were delighted to see that she seemed to have a better influence on his grades than the girls at his former school.

Despite all expectations, the relationship held only for one year, mainly because Melissa was now done with her education and went to work at a private education center at Denmark. At first, they had tried to keep a long distance relationship but it failed, seeing as they both found someone else rather quickly.
For Christoph, it was the girl that worked at the kindergarten he worked at himself during every second week when he had no school. She was in her begin thirties already, which was why their occasional flirting was frowned upon, especially by the older caretakers where Christoph’s usually charming ways were not quite working anymore. They were handling enough children with big puppy eyes every day to not have become immune to any sort of false flattery.

Their tête-à-tête did not hold for long though and ended as soon as Christoph saw her husband pick her up from work one day.

Christoph stopped the flirting at his working place and rather focused on his actual work: focusing on the children and taking a proper care of them. This was where he found the new audience for his little magic trick and due to being the only man working there, he was the favorite playmate of the wilder boys. This didn’t mean he wasn’t occasionally used to play dress-up with the girls, change diapers or kiss a boo-boo better.

It was when he got home after a long day of work, that he noticed his parents had a guest present. A well-dressed man was sitting in the dining room with them and smiled at Christoph as he greeted them, assuming the guy was some kind of colleague from his father’s work. As they mentioned he was there because of Christoph, though, the man was more than confused. Maybe he would be getting some official consequences for turning the daycare room into a foamy battlefield the other day…

The blond man – with the strangely golden eyes – was telling him however that they had acknowledged his extraordinary talents and that they wanted him to work at an international base of child education, where they developed methods and theories in connection with raising children and educating them in a proper way.
Christoph’s mother was delighted, seeing as she never had the chance to even learn a job and thus had high expectations for her son. His father was somewhat skeptical, seeing as Christoph had not even finished his education and Christoph himself was simply confused because he understood English in small doses but not in actual sentences.
After Joachim had translated for Christoph, he said he needed time to think about it, especially because it meant leaving behind his family, friends and his overall life, as well as his country. His parents, though Joachim being more convinced by his wife's enthusiasm than the man's words, told him to take this opportunity as it would come only once in life – and God knew, he would earn much more there than he ever could as a caretaker, finished education or not.

Seeing his parents’ support, Christoph wasn’t fully convinced but agreed to first look at what he was getting himself into for a few weeks, before he would decide whether to stay or not – not that he denied those mentioned talents he apparently had. The golden-eyed man agreed and within a week, Christoph found himself at what he had thought would be the mentioned education center but it soon turned out to be something completely else – HQ04.

HQ04’s leader explained to him that with ‘talent’ they had meant his ability that he had never really seen as such. He was told – through a translator – that this was the agency and he had been picked up because his ability might prove to be useful to them. First things first, however, he got an intense course in the English language to even understand half of what was going on around here, while the comparably mild experiments and tests on his ability began.

Christoph was not exactly sure what he was supposed to be doing here. His life consisted of the English courses, eating, sleeping, strange tests he was sure they had used in Alien Autopsy and some occasional visits to the bars, along with some flirting. Most of the women were different here than he was used to, though. Many were too focused on their work to even notice him, nor were they very impressed by his ability, as quite honestly, most of their ‘magic tricks’ were much cooler than his own.

As he wanted to let his superior know he wanted to return home, Christoph was offered to be put in charge of a daycare group of children that would be entering pre-school but had no real teacher just yet (note that the rules under the terror regime were still pretty lenient). Christoph agreed to try it, even if just for a few weeks – and the promise of a fatter paycheck - and finally found his forte again. He enjoyed taking care of the children, many of which strangely seemed to have no parents at all. However, what he – and the superiors back then - did not take into consideration was the fact that these children, too, had abilities. The many incidents of suddenly flying toys and floods were something Christoph hadn’t learned how to handle and his superior realized that it might be better to give the guy a basic A-Gent education first would be best.

Christoph was sent to HQ02 to become a trainee. It was a few months after that, that the shift of leaders happened, HQ01 was destroyed and a new one was established. No one was trying to offer Christoph new jobs anymore to make him stay, even the sometimes forceful tests for his ability stopped and while he had been able to leave now without being guilt-tripped into staying, life started to actually become fun now. And strangely for him, this place where he was able to be more independent than he had ever been in his life, had become his home rather quickly and the thought to return home vanished.

He loved instructing the 14 year olds that newly entered HQ02 from HQ04, becoming their ‘big brother’ and making sure that he could help out, if there were conflicts arising with any class leaders and the kids that he had put under his wing. He was something like a role model to the younger ones, even if he himself was still a trainee and merely showed the new arrivals around, showed them the shared living areas and leisure activities they could follow outside of training.

Returning to the daycare at HQ04 came closer as he was completing his base training at HQ02 – not for any specific class yet though. For a few weeks he actually did work at the daycare anew, handling the children with abilities much better now but as much as he loved his work, he missed the time he had as a trainee. Sure, working with these children was full of action as well but the possibility of going out on survival trips and hanging with the friends he had made at HQ02 seemed to be missing in his life. Not to mention that as a daycare teacher, it was heavily frowned upon by his co-workers for him to go to the bar for an occasional drink.

Christoph returned to HQ02 where he once more became a trainee. And while it had been a great time being one before, he now noticed that some of his former trainee colleagues had been ranked in their preferred classes already, which he was still not close to. It almost felt like being a long-stay resident at College, while watching all the other graduate.

Without much thought, he tackled the first class that came to mind for him: the spy class. He figured that with his talking, he might as well be able to become a pretty decent one too. What he wasn’t too great at though was acting while staying serious. He would usually goof off with his new identities, glued on nose and wig. Not to mention that his flirty talking were not always appreciated, especially in situations where it was more about negotiating. Christoph, and HQ02’s spy leader, soon noticed that this class was not for him, especially when he busted his whole team on a training undercover mission by saying his actual name instead of his current identity’s name.

Being an Assassin was no option for him, nor was being a Sniper, even if he did follow some basic theoretical training for the latter as for landscapes, hiding spots and the influence on the environment during different kinds of temperatures and weather. When it came to shooting though, he remembered once more why he had never joined the military: he could not bear the thought actually having a person in front of the rifle’s seeker. Even if he was assured that shooting someone was usually not priority but sedating or injuring the target, Christoph’s mind blocked him completely.

Another class option was dropped and Christoph started to shove the blame on the classes all being no fit for him and his talents. He did train with the Brawlers for a week, which he had expected to be something like the gym he went to in his free time but it was a completely other kind of training than he had expected. After hours of choreographs of how to place your hand where and land a punch at this and that place, Christoph began to realize that this was not going to work with just hitting and kicking as he had thought. Not to mention that he had no talents for this kind of fighting sports but that was noted by the ranked members of the class, rather than himself.

While he had wanted to become a doctor, Christoph didn’t have near enough experience – nor patience – to become a trainee of the medical class. The leader took him under their wing but even if he was told he could perhaps become a medic eventually – meaning, in a few years – he wanted something else. Becoming a medic, for him, would only mean to be ‘stuck’ inside like he was at the daycare and he could also not see himself as a field medic, even if it did seem somewhat ‘adventorous’.

In between looking for his perfect class, Christoph still stayed true to trying to be a role model to the other, much younger trainees. Occasionally, he organized camping trips with them during their free time, mostly held in the simulation rooms though as it was of course way too cold outside. A befriended hacker, who had done the base training with him and was now ranked, made this possible and held watch over the simulation program with one eye while working next to it. Eventually though, those simple camping trips started to become somewhat ‘boring’ to the trainees and they started not to really attend anymore. Christoph was somewhat puzzled as he had usually been a nature boy, often going on camping trips himself with his father. Together with his hacker friend, he wondered if there could be put more excitement in the whole event and instead of simple camping, there were now scavenger hunt like outings, where they trainees could find hidden messages, traps and riddles they had to solve to get to their goal.

Christoph started using all of his free time to do new maps and collect ideas for better and bigger scavenger hunts in new terrains that his hacker friend programmed, the search for a new class had horribly slowed down. Of course, his superiors began to notice this as well. Not that his little ‘parties’ at the simulation room were a secret to them that they had endured until now that his actual job as an A-Gent began to suffer from it. Christoph got a warning to focus on finally finding a proper class, returning to HQ04 where he would work once more at the daycare or deciding to go home again.

This was shortly before the Feral class opened its doors for the first trial trainings. Christoph was put as first in line to try it out, seeing as he had gotten an ultimatum. As for the tracking part, Christoph prove to be rather talented in reading some of the signs and hints laid out for them and while he missed some details, he usually managed to see ‘the big picture’ and find the objects or people they were supposed to. Thanks to his sniper training regarding terrains and weather, he usually managed to take most of these facts into consideration as well – for example how rain would fill up a deep footprint on a forest floor or that wind would make sounds appear closer than they actually were.

While he did well in that field, Christoph had not been aware that he would be getting an animal partner, should he deem to be worthy of the class. At first, he was rather disappointed – he was sure this detail would break his back, seeing as he never had a pet or any of the sorts. When the trainer dog Markus – a Caucasian Shepherd – was put on his side though, all his doubts flew out of the window. The thing was huge and as cuddly as a kitten.
Both of them were still inexperienced but prove to be a good team. Markus – or Max, how Christoph called him - was an excellent tracker and protector and usually found what details Christoph missed and (Lessie style) brought it to his attention.

As the Feral class was officially introduced at HQ01, Christoph did not hesitate and immediately requested to be sent there and have Markus be his partner in the future.

:bulletgreen: 2014 - 2018

For the first time, 139 was pulled into the reality of being an A-Gent, when HQ01 was under massive attack towards the end of 2014. At first, he had taken it all very lightly, assuming it would not be nearly as bad as the situation became later, when food was getting scarce and people started to riot. While he always tried to keep his cool, he often found himself brooding during those times and holding up a happy attitude around others, when he was actually not feeling it. Once they were rescued, something had changed in the Feral and he decided to take things more serious.

The first weeks were spent at HQ02 after HQ01's official collapse, where he continued his training, especially with his partner Markus, so he could finally become a ranked A-Gent. He had never been too ambitious but he slowly began to see the benefits of it. Despite taking training and missions more serious, the man had not lost his positive nature and rather quickly jumped into a relationship with a Sniper girl that was not going to last more than four months.

During a mission, the Feral was attacked by a mutated tiger and thus earned the large scars on his chest, that he loves showing off as his "war injury". Through showing it off, he quickly got to know a rather enthusiastic firebomber girl who seemed to be rather fascinated by his tough act. Needless to say, their affair was very short-lived.

In Summer 2016, 139 and Markus could show off their excessive terrain training for the first time. Due to an enemy manipulating terrain, 139 was able to help and mask the other A-Gents' presence, together with his partner and after years of being a Trainee, was finally ranked in the low 200s. He was boasting with self-confidence after the incident and it didn't take long for him to get to know a newly recruited Feral girl from Brazil called Suzana. They seemed to click rather well from the start and once more, 139 jumped right into the relationship with her. Several months passed and the two still acted like they fell in love a day ago, although things started to change, when Suzana learned more about what it meant to be an A-Gent. They stayed a couple until February 2018 - after one and a half years - when Suzana ultimately decided she could not live at the Agency any longer, along with the dangers on the field and the full dedication that came with it. 139 even considered leaving with her but after many talks and thinking through several scenarios, they were both sure they were not going to stay together forever as it was.

After Suzana left, 139 was heavily hung up on her for a while but caught himself again after a few months, regaining his usual flirty and positive behavior. In this time, he also managed to continue climbing up the ranks until he received his current rank of 139.

:bulletgreen: Trivia

:bulletgreen: Enjoys a beer or two at the bar after work.
:bulletgreen: Loves the company of children and generally everyone that looks up to him.
:bulletgreen: Has a soft spot for those weaker than him.
:bulletgreen: Pretends to speak several languages by making up words and adding ridiculous accents.
:bulletgreen: Is convinced the Agency is not german enough and will gladly bring this missing detail to other people’s attention.
:bulletgreen: Loves dem flirting. :heart:

:bulletblue: Medical Information

:bulletblue: Blood type - A
:bulletblue: Was a bedwetter until he was ten.
:bulletblue: Had his tonsils taken out as a teenager.
:bulletblue: Got his wisdom teeth removed in one go.
:bulletblue: Had an infected flesh wound on his chest caused by a mutated tiger. Scars have properly healed since then.


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